Paypal Fee Calculator

Paypal Fee Calculator

Instantly Determine Total Fees, Expected Receipts, and Optimal Request Amounts with Our PayPal Fee Calculator Tool.


A Simple Guide to Understanding PayPal Fees with the Free PayPal Fee Calculator

In the world of online transactions, PayPal has become a go-to platform for sending and receiving money. However, understanding the fees associated with PayPal transactions can be a bit tricky. To simplify this process, there's a handy tool known as the PayPal Fee Calculator. This free online tool, accessible at, helps users determine the fees associated with different types of transactions. Let's break down how to use this tool without getting lost in fancy jargon.

Using the PayPal Fee Calculator:

  1. Enter the Amount (USD):

    • Start by entering the amount you're dealing with in US dollars. This could be the amount you're sending or the amount you're expecting to receive.
  2. Select Fee Rate Option:

    • Now comes the crucial part – selecting the fee rate option. PayPal fees vary depending on the type of transaction, and the calculator provides options for Domestic, International, Mobile Card Reader, and Virtual Terminal transactions.

    • Domestic Options:

      • Online Transaction: 2.9% + $0.30
      • Store Location: 2.7% + $0.30
      • Nonprofit: 2.2% + $0.30
      • Micropayment: 5% + $0.05
    • International Options:

      • Online Transaction: 4.4% + $0.30
      • Store Location: 4.2% + $0.30
      • Nonprofit: 3.7% + $0.30
      • Micropayment: 6.5% + $0.05
    • Mobile Card Reader:

      • Swiped & Check-in Transactions: 2.7%
      • Keyed or Scanned Transactions: 3.5% + $0.15
      • International (with 1.5% cross-border fee): 4.2%
    • Virtual Terminal:

      • Domestic: 3.1% + $0.30
      • Cross-border: 4.6% + $0.30
  3. Results: Total Fees, You Will Receive, You Should Ask For:

    • Once you've entered the amount and selected the appropriate fee rate option, the PayPal Fee Calculator will generate three key results:
      • Total Fees: This is the sum of the fees associated with the selected transaction type.
      • You Will Receive: The actual amount you'll receive after PayPal deducts its fees.
      • You Should Ask For: If you're invoicing someone, this is the amount you should request to receive your desired sum after PayPal fees.

Using the PayPal Fee Calculator is a straightforward way to make sense of the fees associated with your transactions. By entering the amount and choosing the right fee rate option, you can quickly determine the total fees, the amount you'll receive, and the amount you should request. It's a practical tool for anyone looking to navigate the PayPal fee landscape without the need for complex financial language. Access the tool at and simplify your PayPal transactions today.


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